Working with Blue Hippo

If you choose to work with me (and I hope you do) you’ll get a no-nonsense Yorkshire approach to the written word.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be dropping my ‘h’s or using words like ‘nowt’ and ‘yonder’ in your content (unless you want me to!) It means you’ll get a quality service from me and content which engages your audience and helps to deliver the right results for your business.   

How do I help my clients?

I begin with the end in mind; the end being the results you want to achieve. I get down to the nitty-gritty to capture the essence of your business and understand what makes your business tick, so I can convey the right messages to your customers.

Jennifer Brown of J7 Evolve estimated I saved her 3 days by writing the content for her coaching website and Deborah Wilson from the Harrogate Candle Company saw a ‘good growth in internet sales’ after using me to write creative copy for their website.

Most of my clients run small and medium-sized businesses and don’t have the capacity internally to write the content they need. Many of my clients say that I've helped them articulate clearly what they want to say about their business and by using me to write their content, clients can focus on generating leads or billing clients for the work they've freed themselves up to do.

Investing in my services

If you need copy material for your website or a brochure or need regular content, I’ll give you a bespoke quotation specific to your requirements.

My investment page includes some guide prices to the more common packages I’ve created for customers.

If I haven’t written about your industry before, be assured that my skills and experience are easily transferred and will create a return on your investment. I also collaborate with web developers and marketing agencies on projects.

Just a bit of personal stuff about me...

I love running my own business: meeting people, helping other businesses by writing and sharing experiences, and building long and happy relationships are key for me. 

I decided to go freelance after coming back to North Yorkshire after spending 8 years in Scotland. 7 of which were spent writing, editing and proofreading web content for Prudential. Using my experience and training, I want to deliver results that have a positive impact on my client's business leaving them 100% satisfied with my services.

Would you like to know more about how I can help? Don’t hesitate to give me a call for a free, no obligation, friendly chat.