Why trimming back on hedging language is good for business.

25 Apr 2018

Don’t be fooled into thinking that I’ve started a new career in gardening and this is a blog about how to keep and maintain perfect hedges. No, this is a blog about ‘hedging’ language and our use… Read more

“Writing Web Content? Well, it’s just knocking a few words together, isn’t it?”

10 Apr 2018

A web designer said this to me at a networking event a few weeks ago. He was repeating a phrase he sometimes hears from his customers when he discusses using a content writer to provide the web… Read more

Is the way you write your emails affecting your professional reputation?

30 Jan 2018

It could be.

Every day we make snap judgements about what’s in front of us whether we do it consciously or subconsciously. Making assumptions about the person or business sending an email… Read more

How a web content plan can help you and where to begin (With free downloadable planning template)

9 Jan 2018

Content and imagery for your website are equally as important as the design, so, rather than putting something together last minute, why not take some time to plan your web content properly?… Read more

How good web content can help improve your conversion rate.

5 Jul 2017
Gone in 60 seconds

Research shows that most people will spend less than 1 minute on a website before deciding whether to investigate further or to go elsewhere. The same research says that time… Read more

3 things I wish I'd known when starting a business

5 Jul 2017

I’ve felt like writing this for a while but put it off because it feels more ‘diary-like’ than useful business blogging. But today my fingers are at the keyboard and this is just what I want to… Read more

Give your content the green light with my 10-minute checklist to help you proofread your own content.

11 May 2017
Proofread before publish

Have you ever sent a LinkedIn message to a new contact and used the wrong name? Have you ever sent an email to a prospective client and then realised you’ve made some… Read more

How to keep your customers on your website for longer

11 Apr 2017

The home page is the first page of your website that most of your customers will see. It is the first opportunity you have to ‘sell’ to them. It’s a big marketing tool and with only a finite… Read more

3 reasons why proofreading is important.

26 Jan 2017

Proofreading can sometimes be seen as something which isn’t necessary or a costly exercise or something which doesn’t apply to you. But no matter how large or small your business is, proofreading… Read more

Lost in translation - Communication misinterpretation

14 Dec 2016

I’ve been reading some interesting blogs recently from Steve Phillip of Linked2Success who has written about how we communicate with each other, what we expect from each other in our… Read more