Proofreading applies to any business or person who wants to make sure their writing is grammatically correct, free from errors and spelling mistakes and has the professional finish it needs. From blogs, websites and company reports to trade packs, brochures, eLearning and books; the Blue Hippo Proofreading service has helped small, medium and large businesses in Yorkshire, the UK and abroad.

Our standard proofreading package includes:

Our standard package includes:

  • grammar: checking for grammatical sense
  • punctuation: checking correct usage while respecting the flow
  • spelling: ensuring consistency throughout and in respect of English or US spellings
  • dialogue: consistent approach to speech marks and punctuation
  • chapters & headings: consistent approach to styling and spacing
  • chapters: ensure ordered and numbered correctly
  • formatting: consistency in bullet points, numbering 
  • layout: spacing, indentation and alignment checks
  • spacing: removal of rogue line or word spacing

Our Proofreading Plus package includes standard items plus:

  • recommend changes to awkward or wordy sentences
  • highlight any areas where the meaning of the text is unclear
  • confirmation of any contact and correspondence details
  • ensure descriptions match pictures

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